What do you need to cut the cord?

We’ve all cut the cord. It’s a phrase that has been used so often in recent years to describe those of us who have given up on traditional cable or satellite television providers and switched to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, etc. 

And while we might not be getting our entertainment from the same source anymore, there are still many things we need to cut the cord to enjoy our new lifestyle fully.

With so many advanced cord-cutting options, it can be overwhelming to decide which service is exemplary for you. 

Thankfully, the aptly named "cord cutter" movement has developed both as an affordable alternative to cable TV and a way for viewers to get the exact content they want — and only the content they want — on any device at any time. 

Achieving the cord-cutting dream is worth it both for the convenience and the cost savings, but it can get complex, so you’ll need a strategy to make sure all of your needs are met (like local channels or premium movie channels). 

Lucky for you, we have just that!

Streaming cable TV vs streaming apps

Streaming Cable TV: Compatible with most TVs and might be free if you’re an existing cable customer. 

It does not require any equipment (though a physical HDMI cord is needed).

Choose channels individually or get a package of services for the whole shebang. All your favorites are available, plus some other cool ones that you can convince your family to watch together.

Streaming Apps: Requires computer/tablet/smartphone with internet connection. Updated on the go via app updates or streaming service site changes, so keep checking!

Most devices offer apps compatible with different streaming services—check for both Netflix and Hulu (or whichever shows you too), which might not be found in one spot otherwise.

Streaming cable TV services

What do you need to cut the cord?

Watch smart TV your way with the most options in live tv streaming service, on-demand (from Netflix to HBO Now), and DVR content. 

You can do it all well on Philo. Plus, get high-quality video streams without relying on unpredictable buffering or expensive cable TV service providers! 

Mainstream channels are no longer out of reach with the best app for watching smart TV--watch whatever you want when you want Philo low prices to make this a must-have, can live without a streaming tv package.

Hey, cord-cutters! You're not alone. To the tune of around 3 million people every year, we've cut the cord from those pricey monthly cable bills and switched to streaming options.

And thanks to Philo's unique perks like a free trial period, no contracts or hidden fees – plus access to tons of great channels with your on-demand library all in one spot – it just might be for you too.

Now, if only there were some way for you to get that last handful of channels you can't live without…

It turns out there is a channel that has them in stock: Philo TV. Hook this service up and watch FOX with ease, flip through an expansive lineup of SURLY entertaining content.

Streaming apps

Streaming apps are perfect for people who love the small screen in their big world. 

Picture not having to wade through a list of confusing and outdated pay-TV packages when all you want is your favorite show on-demand — with more content than ever before! 

If you already started with Netflix but did not like that Hulu shows up as an ad every time it turns on, switch to Amazon Video and laugh at those commercials. 

Then get your exclusive subscription bundle from Disney+. 

With these streaming services available, we could about watch everything live now.

Streaming apps are perfect for those who prefer streaming services overpaying for every TV channel individually. 

With access to all the latest shows, movies, and exclusive content with subscriptions from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, or HBO Go+, your next viewing experience awaits! 

What’s more? You can stream any time you want: right from your phone on the go or in your living room with just one push of a button.

Live tv streaming services

What do you need to cut the cord?

What's so different about this streaming service? It allows you to see the content without cable and eliminates costly monthly costs.

Turning off your tv wasn't enough – now, you can finally be free from contracts, annual membership fees, and equipment rental charges while enjoying more than 95% of programming that is available only through a traditional pay-TV service like DirecTV or Comcast—and it doesn’t end there!

Watch local HD channels at home in any city where they’re broadcasting out-of-state programs or using features to set up recordings for later use (for example, football season).

The live TV streaming service also has flexible plans making it more affordable for families.

Cord-cutting basics

Internet service

What do you need to cut the cord?

Do you have cable around your house? What will you do when the internet cord is cut, and everyone starts streaming instead of watching TV together?

You will need an internet connection for sure: at least 15Mbps per device. We hear you about having to stay with your barely-good-enough provider, but do not worry – we are here to help. 

Streaming service

What do you need to cut the cord?

Are you sick of paying the ridiculous prices for cable? A streaming service is an easy and affordable alternative to replace your TV service.

Enjoy sitcoms and movies on demand with Netflix or network television without checking a TV guide with Sling TV or Youtube TV.

Watch artists performing live concerts from all over the country, famous talk shows, political debates in near-real-time as they happen, international news networks, cuisine experts show us how to make our favorite Arab dish, investigative documentaries about global warming—the possibilities are endless with a streaming video subscription!

Watching TV these days seems more complicated than choosing what to wear.

It's time for a new change of clothes - choose an all-access streaming video plan that fits your life and budget!

You’ll never struggle with too many channels again when the perfect one has everything you need, or be embarrassed about missing its premiere because it’s not a local broadcast in your market.

With so much competition, we have the option to accommodate nearly all channels even those who enjoy keeping up with smart TV from sources like YouTube or amazon prime video.

Streaming devices

What do you need to cut the cord?

You know the feeling: it’s late at night, and you have the sudden urge to binge-watch an episode of your favorite tv shows.

But lo, there’s no TV remote in sight! What do you do? You could ask a family member for help – or use these little gadgets called streaming devices.

Once you plug a Roku Streaming Stick into your smart TV, all digital content will be right in front of you - complete with subtitles and high-definition movies for when your English skills need work on their own time!

It even has its programming guide to help point everyone towards what they might like before spending all that money while continuously asking, "what are we going to watch now?" If Amazon's Fire TV Stick is.

This streaming device offers access to various streaming services at an affordable price, like Netflix and Hulu

This is the perfect option for binge-watchers looking for a new way of entertainment.

Just connect your smart TVs to “wirelessly stream content” with these easy set-up instructions and feel liberated!

For viewers who want to create a digital home, streaming devices are a smart way to go.

Reduce your cable and box rental fees with Roku or Fire TV, and enjoy endless hours of programming on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, and Hulu.

Do you know how an antenna is the most remarkable invention of the 20th century?

Well, you've been living in a time warp. Meet the 21st century's answer to live TV: Streaming devices.

Unlike traditional cable or satellite TV that require contracts and bundles, streaming devices let you watch over 50 channels--including local ones--for less than $40 per month or 480$ per year without any contract at all.

And because these services stream over your home internet (not through airwaves), they offer crystal-clear HD picture quality without expensive set-top boxes!

What are you waiting for without using to watch great shows? Live sports, shows, and movies are calling out to you from just below your nose - what does it feel like to pull them off life support today?

How to get local channels and sports when cut the cable

Install an HD antenna. Technology has advanced so much that the simplest way to catch your favorite broadcast channels in high-def is a piece of wire hanging from your roof.

(Bonus: Local broadcasts are often less intrusive and more informative than national networks, notably CBS.)

Pick up standalone service for sports. Most major cable providers offer a dedicated package with all the games you need, varying between $50 and $130 per month.

And since a lot of these outfits don’t even require internet connections (you plug it into your smart TV), they can be excellent choices for college dorm rooms or other situations where web access might not be readily available.

There are plenty of options for each. Here are our favorite ways to get them:


The HD antenna! For starters, you get a lot more on your plate than what's showing in the airwaves.

Second, you’ll never have to pay for a cable tv cord again — imagine that.

Third, all that free-to-watch smart TV will be yours for the taking (and we're not just talking about reruns of Gilligan's Island).

You can even check out A&E and NBC Sports Plus without hogging up space on your tablet or phone plan because it will be streamed directly onto any of these devices with an HDMI port.

And this way? No commercials; besides, they're just playing ads for Velveeta anyway.

Through dedicated apps

Modern people spend most of their time glued to a screen. For those times you need the TV for background noise, we've got your back with these five apps that let you watch all your favorite shows without having to set up an antenna or cable service!

Our must-have app picks include: ABC - Catch local content from your favorite channels; ESPN - Connect with passionate fans who are waiting on those thrilling last-minute scores and updates.

NBC Sports Gold - To experience more in-depth coverage of pro sports games across the US; CBS All Access - Entertainment is too important to leave up to chance when there’s so much great programming out there.

FOXSportsGO Streaming Services - The only streaming services with live coverage of MLB and NHL playoffs.

As a streaming cable add-on

What if we told you there’s a way to take your Sling TV or Playstation Vue experience and go even more in-depth? It’s called “My Paid Cable Upgrade”.

It bundles tons of additional channels that typically require extra payments, like digital premium cable stations.

You can get broadcast networks (CBS, NBC), regional sports (Fox Sports) and other upsell options like HBO Now on the service as well. This is unlike any streaming cable bundle you've seen before.

The cord-cutter’s shopping list

Here is what you need to cut this cable tv cord:

What do you need to cut the cord?

Curved Sizes. Crystal Clear Colors. Endless Entertainment. Introducing our step-above smart TVs 4K displays with HDR.

Featuring a stunningly beautiful design and brilliant picture quality, we’ve taken you even further up the resolution ladder to offer images crisper than ever before.

Watch your favorite series in vivid detail and brilliance on one of these awe-striking screens today.

What do you need to cut the cord?

Want to watch your favorite shows and movies from your couch? A streaming box is what you need. Our sleek, black streamer works with Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, or anything else for a wide variety of entertainment choices in the heart of your home.

Whenever and wherever it's needed, Rokus keeps people glued to their seats for hours on end.

What do you need to cut the cord?

The difference between indoor and outdoor antennas immediately becomes apparent when you look at them. The outdoor variety can withstand the harshest of elements, all while staying durable.

It never will need to be replaced or repaired because a storm came through town. However, it definitely can not go inside unless you plan to bring an antenna with you wherever you go!

All this durability comes at a price: weight. Outdoor antennas weigh in at about 20 pounds each because they have metal reinforcements for wind and snow resistance.

If your house sees crazy weather shifts like San Diego - from blistering heatwaves to light rains - get an indoor antenna that doesn't take up any floor space in your home, so it's always easy to access.

What do you need to cut the cord?

Bring back the good ol’ days with this trusty device. Record all of your favorite pre-DVR show memories right back to where they started: on smart TVs!

And just like old times, make sure you have a list handy so that you don’t miss anything significant to watch tonight.

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