How To Wash Microfiber Towels

Because of their high absorbency and ability to cling to dirt, microfiber cloths have quickly become one of the most popular cleaning products. Microfiber towels should be washed in cool water without the addition of fabric softener and should be laundered separately from non-microfiber fabrics to prevent lint transfer and to ensure that the towels continue to function as designed. Keep reading to gain step-by-step knowledge on how to clean microfiber towels.

Why Washing Microfiber Towels Properly Is Important

Due to the unique characteristics of microfiber towels, it is necessary to be familiar with the correct method for washing them. "microfiber" refers to a material made up of millions of very fine synthetic strands, typically polyester or nylon. 

In contrast to the erratic variations in fiber shape and size characteristic of other materials, such as cotton, these fibers all have the same star-shaped structure. Because of their structure, microfiber towels are extremely absorbent and great for grabbing and hanging onto various particles, including lint, dust, grease, and are great moisture absorbers. Microfiber fabrics may or may not be water-repellent, depending on the manufacturing process used.

Towels and cloths made of microfiber are increasingly popular for use in the detailing of automobiles, the careful cleaning of spectacles, and as a cleaning cloth for cleaning windows and mirrors. Because damaging the microfiber in towels by improperly washing or drying them can cause them to lose effectiveness, it is essential to follow the correct procedures.

How To Clean Microfiber Towels In The Washing Machine

how to wash microfiber towels

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Throwing microfiber cleaning rags in the washing machine is a good idea, as this only requires you to deviate a little from your typical laundering process. Follow these instructions to learn how to care for microfiber towels in a washing machine properly. If the towel has a label with particular care instructions, you should follow those instructions.

  1. Separate from other fabrics

Always wash moisture absorber for cars individually to prevent lint, hair, and dust from other items from being transferred onto the towels. Because microfiber towels attract lint like a magnet, you shouldn't launder them with clothes or towels made from natural fibers like cotton, which tend to shed fibers during washing. It is a good idea to keep microfiber towels used for light cleanup (like dusting cloths) separate from those used for more intensive cleaning to help prevent the spread of grime.

  1. Shake off excess dirt

Before you put your microfiber towels through the washing machine, please shake them either outside or in the trash to loosen and release any grime and dust that may be trapped inside.

  1. Use a fragrance-free and additive-free detergent and do not use fabric softener

Steer clear of detergents that include chemicals or fragrances, and don't use fabric softener, as both can coat the fibers and make the detergent less effective at removing dirt. Take care not to use excessive detergent; approximately one or two tablespoons should be all that is needed. For additional directions, please refer to the detergent's recommendations.

  1. Add vinegar to remove odors

If the scent of your microfiber towels leaves something to be desired, try adding a tablespoon of white vinegar to each load of laundry to help eliminate any lingering smells.

  1. Machine wash in cool or warm water using a gentle cycle

Cleansing clothes in lukewarm water is sufficient for minor soiling. If you have severely soiled microfiber towels, wash them in warm water. Choose a gentle or delicate cycle when configuring the parameters for your washing machine.

How To Wash Microfiber Cloths By Hand

Towels made of microfiber used for activities such as light cleaning typically do not need to be put through the washing machine; rather, they only need to be washed by hand, and detergent is not required. The methods for hand-washing microfiber towels are listed below for your convenience.

  1. Shake off excess dirt

Before you put your microfiber towels through the washing machine, please shake them either outside or in the trash to loosen and release any grime and dust that may be trapped inside.

  1. Fill a basin or sink with cool water

Put some cold or warm water in a bowl, bucket, or sink and let it sit for a while.

  1. Wash and soak towels

Bring in the microfiber towels, and then use your hands to scrub the cleaning towels to remove any grime and other debris. After allowing the towels to soak for approximately fifteen minutes, give them one final thorough scrubbing.

  1. Rinse and wring out cloths

After being cleaned with fresh running water, the microfiber cloth for glasses should be wrung to remove any surplus moisture.

How To Dry Microfiber Towels

how to wash microfiber towels

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It is time to dry the linens once they have been washed and cleaned, regardless of whether they were washed in a machine or by hand. If you want your microfiber towels to retain their absorbency, the best drying techniques are air drying on a flat surface or line drying.

If you would rather use the drier, make sure to carry out the following steps:

  • Towels made of microfiber should be dried independently from other things.

  • Dryer sheets and dryer pellets should not be added.

  • Before drying, completely clean the lint trap to prevent any lint from being transferred.

  • Only use a low flame or the setting.

Tips & Tricks For Washing Microfiber Towels

If you know how to wash microfiber towels properly, you can maintain them in good condition so they can be used effectively for cleaning.


  • Wash in a machine that is not used for other products or fabrics.

  • You can make use of tepid or cold water.

  • Make use of an unscented detergent that does not contain any chemicals.

  • If you are only hand washing clothes that are faintly soiled, you can skip the detergent.


  • You can use bleach or fabric conditioner.

  • Cleanse in very hot water and dry using very high heat on the machine

  • Include dryer sheets and dryer pellets in the mix.

  • Press the bath cloths.


1. Can microfiber towels go in the dryer?

It would help if you laundered your clothes in the washing machine with gentle liquid detergent and warm water. After that, put the items into the drier on the lowest heat setting and without a dryer sheet. The microfibre should take a few minutes to dry, so check back in a little while.

2. What ruins microfiber towels?

If there is one thing you should be aware of when washing microfiber towels, you should never subject them to high heat. Doing so will effectively melt the fibers and destroy all the qualities that make microfiber such an effective material for cleaning.

3. How long can you reuse microfiber towels?

There are two types of microfiber towels available: reusable and disposable. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages that are unique to themselves. Most people use washable towels, which must be cleaned thoroughly after each use. These fabrics can withstand anywhere from 100 to 1,000 washings if properly cared for.

Final words

Microfiber is a fabric composed of microscopic fibers, making it an ideal material for domestic cleaning. It is soft on surfaces, rapidly absorbs liquids and dirt, and can be used wet or dry. In addition, microfiber is great for the environment because it can be reused and does not require toxic chemicals. Follow these easy steps to clean your microfiber towels so they can continue working wonders on surfaces.

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