How To Use Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is an excellent method for enhancing the aroma of any space. There are numerous varieties of oil diffusers, but they are all equally simple to operate. For optimal results, fill the diffuser to the utmost level, use the correct quantity of oil, and monitor it as it operates.

Why We Use Essential Oil Diffuser

What could be better than entering a room filled with the calming fragrance of Lavender or the comforting aroma of Cinnamon Bark? Frequently, a familiar fragrance can evoke some of your most pleasant memories. A home diffuser allows you to introduce these calming scents into your residence.

Diffusers or aroma diffusers are tiny electronic devices that are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. They transmute essential oils into a light, airy mist, filling the room with a purposeful, subtle fragrance. Home fragrance diffusers allow you to inhale the benefits of essential oils aromatically, providing significant benefits to your mind and body while creating an inviting environment for those in your home.

Easy Steps to Use Essential Oil Diffuser

Although diffusing essential oils may sound sophisticated, this opulent application is actually quite simple. You only need a small cup of water, your preferred essential oil, and a diffuser. Diffusion of essential oils is a popular activity readily accessible to people of all ages due to its ease of use.

How to initiate a session of essential oil diffusion:

  1. Select a desired essential oil for use (you can choose the diffusers on amazon). Remember that you can combine multiple oils to construct your blend.

  2. Add water up to the fill line, which is typically 1 cup, but be careful to follow the instructions for your diffuser.

  3. Add 5 to 10 droplets of your preferred essential oil to the water.

  4. Replace the lid, switch on the diffuser, and enjoy!

Things You Should Know When Using the Essential Oil Diffuser

how to use essential oil diffuser

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How many droplets of oil should an oil diffuser contain?

When beginning a diffuser session for the first time, numerous individuals inquire, "How many droplets of essential oil should I use?" The answer is variable and largely up to you. 5–10 drops are the recommended quantity; however, 2–3 drops per oil will create a pleasant blend if you use multiple oils. As you gain experience with diffusing, you will discover an optimal quantity.

The number of room diffusers will also differ based on the location of the diffuser. For smaller spaces, 5–10 drops will work splendidly; for larger spaces, 10–20 drops may be required for the fragrance to permeate the entire room. But if you use a large room diffuser, you just use 5 - 10 drops.

There is no incorrect diffusion method, so do not stress about applying too much or too little. As you continue diffusing, you will find your rhythm and determine the ideal quantity for the space.

How do you make diffusers' scent stronger?

So, you've added your oils, the vapor is rising from the diffuser, and you're expecting to be surrounded by a comforting fragrance, but all you can smell is a faint scent slowly traveling through the air. 

A very simple solution to this problem is to stop the diffuser, add a few more droplets of essential oil, and then resume the device. After a few minutes, your essential oils will permeate the air with their pleasant aroma.

Consider an alternative diffuser

Some diffuser humidifiers are of superior quality than others, and the same is true of diffusers. Consider upgrading to a higher-quality diffuser if adding more essential oils does not improve the fragrance produced. The intensity of the vapor can vary based on the diffuser's quality. By upgrading your system, you can obtain a discharge of vapor that exerts more effort to capture and distribute the fragrance throughout the room.

How to Clean Essential Oil Diffuser after Use 

how to use essential oil diffuser

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After a session with an essential oil diffuser, you may remove the lid to add a new essential and find that the previous oil has solidified to the bottom of the basin. This is completely normal and to be considered after each use, so don't worry. 

While your diffuser does not necessarily need to be cleansed after every use, it should be cleaned as frequently as possible to prevent cakey residue from accumulating over time and modifying the scent of essential oil humidifier. 

Some diffusers are simple to wash clean with an all-natural cleaning product, while others can be more difficult. Follow these methods to sanitize your diffuser easily:

  1. Fill the diffuser just below the fill line with fresh, pure water.

  2. Instead of adding essential oil to the water, add approximately 10 droplets of white vinegar. This will aid in decomposing the residue without causing any damage to the device.

  3. Replace the cover and activate the diffuser. Allow the mixture to run for 3–5 minutes, allowing it to sanitize the inner chamber of the device thoroughly.

  4. After 3–5 minutes, turn off the device and pour the remaining mélange into the sink.

  5. After the water has been completely drained, use cotton balls or a paper towel to spot-clean any additional areas that require scrubbing.

  6. Allow the diffuser to dry fully before using it again.


How does a diffuser for essential oils function?

An electric, ultrasonic diffuser disperses essential oils into the air by creating microscopic oil particulates through the oscillation of a plate, which generates ultrasonic waves.

Can you add water to a diffuser for essential oils?

Certainly, potable water can be used in your diffuser. Many diffusers specify that they can only be used with purified, distilled, or filtered water, but it is also acceptable to use distilled water in diffusers that can use stream water unless otherwise stated.

Why isn't my diffuser for essential oils misting?

Many diffusers have a safety mechanism that prevents sprinkling if the diffuser is overfilled. Remove some water and reactivate the diffuser, ensuring the water level is below the fill line. If the device is still not functioning, a buildup of essential oil residue could prevent the diffuser from diffusing. Follow the instructions for cleansing your diffuser, then try again.

How durable are diffusers?

Diffusers that are cared for properly can last for years. To prolong the life of your device, clean it as frequently as possible, preferably after every use, and avoid residue accumulation that could interfere with its ability to diffuse effectively.

How long should a diffuser containing essential oils run?

You should diffuse for 15–20 minute intervals with pauses in between. Instead of setting a timetable, you can switch on your diffuser and allow it to run its course.


In conclusion, using an essential oil diffuser is a simple and effective way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. By following the steps mentioned above, you can use your diffuser safely and enjoy its benefits for a long time. So, go ahead and try using an essential oil diffuser today and experience the benefits of aromatherapy.

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