How To Hang A World Map On Wall

Whether you're redecorating your home or simply making a change, deciding how to display your art is equally as essential as selecting it. Below is a list of our preferred methods for hanging wall maps, but before you begin, take a moment to prepare your map properly. We recommend you choose a world map because it will make your home bigger and cooler.

What sort of equipment do I need?

To display your world map, you will need the following:

  • Either two fasteners or two adhesive picture-hanging hooks/strips (you need two because the map's hanging hooks are in the upper left and upper right corners);

  • A pencil;

  • A lengthy measuring meter (at least 2 m long).

If you are using hooks or strips for hanging, please verify their utmost weight capacity. Consider that if one hook can hold 2 kg, then two hooks can hold 4 kg.

For instance, if the map weighs 2 kilograms, you will need 2 pegs, each of which must support at least 1 kilogram.

Map size Map weight
59×39.3 in ~5 kg
47,2×31.5 in ~4 kg
39,3×27.5 in ~3 kg
33,4×23.6 in ~2 kg

The procedure

how to hang a world map on wall

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Step 1: Mark The Hanging Height

Place the map on the wall and, using a pencil, indicate the desired height for hanging the map.

We recommend marking one of the map's extremities instead of the center. Here is where you will install the initial fastener or hook.

The map should be suspended at a height that places its center directly in front of your eyes. This method will appear properly hung and will be simple to examine.

Step 2: Notate The Points For The Clips/Screws

Set the paper down. Mark the point where you will install the second hook or screw using a meter.

The scale of the map should determine the placement of these points.

Dimensions and distances between trip map attachments

Map size Space between the hooks
59×39.3 in 55.1 in
47,2×31.5 in 43.3 in
39,3×27.5 in 35.4 in
33,4×23.6 in 29.5 in

Step 3: Equalizing The Height Of The Points

Now you must ensure that each of the marked points is at the same height. Measure the distance between the floor and each of the points using a meter.

If the points are at various heights, adjust them by raising or lowering one of the points.

For example, if one point is at 190 cm and the other is at 191 cm, you can adjust either one of the points 1 cm upwards or 1 cm downwards.

Step 4: Check And Measure Yet Again

Measure the distance between the points and the distance between the points and the floor again. You must be certain that you did everything correctly.

Insert the hooks or drills into the screws.

Depending on what you use to display your world map poster, affix the hooks (following the instructions on the packaging) or screw in the screws at the indicated points. If your wall is made of wood, you may also use fasteners.

Step 5: Hang The Map

Hook or attach your travel map to the hooks or screws.

Move away from the wall and examine the map's straightness from a distance. If it is not straight, you can adjust it by shifting the map to the left or right, then checking the result with a spirit level.


How can I display maps on the wall without destroying them?

Use magnets. Some sturdy magnetic poster holders allow posters to be hung without being damaged. Use quality packaging tape. The low-quality tape will not adhere well and may leave a sticky residue behind.

Which world map is ideal for mapping?

In 1999, Japanese architect Hajime Narukawa developed the AuthaGraph projection. Considered the most accurate map projection in the world of cartography, it has a unique ability to accurately present relative topography and ocean areas with minimal shape distortion. This remarkable feat makes AuthaGraph projection particularly useful for mapping applications.

What hue is the map's border?

If you want your map to stand out, choose a frame color that complements the map's color. Ensure that the breadth of the frame is narrow so that it does not overwhelm the framed map. This type of colored framing is advantageous in a room with numerous other pieces of artwork on the walls.

What is a wall of maps?

MapaWall world maps are exquisite wall decorations crafted with the highest degree of wood, steel, and stone craftsmanship and a stunning design. Using the world's most advanced laser and waterjet technology, MapaWall maps feature extremely precise contours.

What is the optimal format for antique maps?

The best method to protect and display an antique map for the ages is with a custom/archival frame.

Final Thought

After the ordered world maps for wall arrive at your residence, there are a few enjoyable steps. Unpack your map, mount it on the wall, and begin pinning your travels! We have prepared a brief guide to make the hanging process as easy, quick, and straightforward as feasible.

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