How to Decorate Your Kitchen ? Decor Ideas for your kitchen!

A great kitchen can be the heart of your home. You will use it for everything from preparing dinner to entertaining friends and family. When done right, a kitchen can make you feel happy, organized, and at peace with yourself. But when done wrong, kitchens can become cluttered messes that are difficult to maintain or cook in. Decorating the kitchen will help you able to find inspired in cooking.

So what is the secret? It is all about making sure that your kitchen is well-stocked with essentials like storage containers in various sizes so you do not have to rummage through piles of dishes or ingredients while cooking; an assortment of pots and pans so you're ready for any meal; knives that are sharp enough for slicing vegetables or carving meat; utensils for stirring sauces and serving food


Problem: You want to make your kitchen look nice, but you do not know where to start.

Agitate: Designing a kitchen can be overwhelming and expensive. This guide will show you how to get started on the right foot with minimal effort and cost. We'll cover everything from choosing colors, materials, finishes, appliances, lighting and more! 

Solution: Follow this step-by-step guide that will help you create a space that is functional for your needs while looking beautiful at the same time.

Kitchen Decor Ideas

  1. Replace your kitchen curtains with something that matches the color of your kitchen
  2. Change out all of the light bulbs to match the color scheme in your kitchen
  3. Hang up pictures or paintings on the wall that are related to cooking, food, or family 
  4. Install new upper cabinets to make it feel like you have more storage space 
  5. Countertops for Small Kitchens
  6. Using open shelves to replace traditional shelves

1. Replace your kitchen curtains with something that matches the color of your kitchen

The Elegant Valance

When you are looking to make a grand statement of opulence, choose a gold or gold-trimmed white valance in a classic flair made from heavy fabric that will drape down elegantly. This valance will definitely look impressive in your kitchen. While you might consider this type of valance more commonly suited for a curtain design for the living room, these valances work well in the kitchen also. If your kitchen is bedecked with marble and steel, this valance design will go well with the theme.

White kitchen

White kitchen is the popular kitchen decor idea in modern times. Elegant white window valances can be used in kitchens also. Redone white kitchen with black white and gold

Incorporate other white elements into your design to add some contrast against the white curtains, such as white chairs or even a white cabinets. The finish off the entire look by adding a few crystal chandeliers for extra luxury. White kitchen ideas include: A more modern-looking version would be having white walls instead of white ones, have all equipment made from glassy surfaces, and incorporate some sleek designs to create an impression of a contemporary showcase. Due to its minimalistic approach, this type of theme is best suited for smaller rooms. White kitchen have been popular for decades now which very well explains why white kitchen ideas are also very popular nowadays.

Woody, brown color for kitchen

Fifty years ago, kitchens were white. Then they got woodier and woodier until now it is difficult to find a kitchen that is not wood at least in part. Deciding which wood flooring will look good with your cabinets might not be as simple as you think, especially if you have never gone into the design business. Here are some things to consider when picking out wood for your kitchen:

  • wood table
  • wood chair
  • wood shelves

How to Decorate Your Kitchen

2. Change out all of the light bulbs to match the color scheme in your kitchen

Ambient light

When installing a single semi-flush-mount or flush-mount fixture, chandelier, or lantern, position it directly above the island, or at the center of the ceiling if you don’t have an island.

When installing recessed lights, leave a distance between the lights equaling half the height of the ceiling (e.g., space lights five feet apart in a kitchen with a 10-foot ceiling). To avoid casting shadows on countertops, try to position recessed lights above countertops so they are set a few inches back from the front edge of the countertops.

How to Decorate Your Kitchen

Task light

Pendant lights are ideally placed directly above sinks, standalone chopping stations, dining tables, and other hubs of activity. But you also want to avoid placing them directly above appliances with their own built-in lighting, such as stove ranges or refrigerators. To minimize glare while you work, mount so that the pendant is no closer than two-and-a-half feet from the surface it’s lighting.

LED strips or tape should be placed on the underside of cabinets to cast a spotlight on food and drinks on countertops. Placing them inside drawers, behind cabinet or pantry doors, or on the underside of base cabinets can also afford easier storage and retrieval of utensils, food, pots and pans, or cleaning supplies kept inside. Mount these lights one to three inches from the front of the cabinet to reduce glare.

Accent light

Install cove lights in the ledges of a ceiling to play up decorative ceiling tiles.

Place puck lights on the underside of upper cabinets to showcase vases or other countertop decor, or on the roof of a cabinet shelf, one to two inches from the back of the shelf, to elegantly backlight tea sets and other showpieces.

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How to Decorate Your Kitchen

3. Hang up pictures or paintings on the wall that are related to cooking, food, or family 

Enhance your small kitchen with great kitchen decor ideas. A little goes a long way in a small kitchen, so get inspired by pictures of inspirational rooms that deliver a balance of form and function

Find a picture frame and hang it on the wall with pictures of your family members or memorable events in your life related to food. It make kitchen room space become cozy space.

Or if you want to decorate a kitchen in a vintage direction, you can hang vintage pictures on the walls as follows:

How to Decorate Your Kitchen

4. Install new upper cabinets to make it feel like you have more storage space 

You can choose from oak and maple cabinets, or go for a more modern/contemporary flair.

If you are replacing them with new ones, I would recommend opting for raised panel cabinet doors, they look really elegant and make the kitchen feel lighter.

How to Decorate Your Kitchen

If you want to save some money but want your kitchen to look great on the budget, repainting old cabinets is a fantastic option! Paint them in rich colors like browns, reds or yellows that are known to have appetite stimulating effect – that way every meal will be a feast for both eyes and stomach! Choose an interior design theme. Once you've taken care of the color and material of your cabinets it's time to move on to the next step – choose your interior design theme. You can go for a minimalist one, which emphasizes simplicity and elegance or you can decide to make it more creative by putting in some art pieces that reflect your style.

Do not use too much of furniture or decorations inside your kitchen – when we are cooking it's best to have all the needed elements within hands reach so if you need to get something quickly there won't be unnecessary movements involved and no risk of burning yourself with hot oil, water etc. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your kitchen while staying safe – nothing else matters!

Modern kitchens tend to look cleaner than classic ones as they often employ simple colors such as white, black, grey and brown.

5. Countertops for Small Kitchens

Small kitchen countertop space is often at a premium. High expectations are placed on the kitchen's all-in-one cook prep, dining, storage and homework landing pad. Therefore, it gets a lot of attention and even more wear and tear.

Whether your small kitchen is a narrow galley-style or an eat-in kitchen, reconfiguring the countertop layout can maximize efficiency and style. Here's another way to understand, extending the depth of your countertops from a traditional 24 inches to 30 inches will yield plenty of added space for food prep and appliances kept on the counter. If space allows, then obtain additional space by installing a peninsula on end one of the kitchen counter or below the built-in kitchen island. If your limited square footage won't allow for this expansion, then explore running the countertop stone or tile partially up the wall for a seamless look that will merge with the backsplash.

Uniformity and simplicity are characteristics that work to make a small kitchen seem larger. To this end, countertops offer balance and a smooth transition throughout your kitchen. Whether you choose stone, tile or wood, select a surface and color that complements kitchen accent fixtures, from cabinetry and stainless steel appliances to the paint color. Pair light cabinetry with dark countertops or flattering earth tones with copper fixtures. Although laminate offers the widest variety of colors and cost-efficiency, stone surfaces are preferred for their durability and decorating. You can contact with affiliate marketing programs or designer for designing it.

6. Using open shelves to replace traditional shelves

The last kitchen decor ideas we introduced is using open shelving

Using the right color tone of color shelving with the color of the wall and interior, your kitchen will become more beautiful. The open shelving will make the kitchen island area look more modern and you will be inspired to cook every time you look at your cozy kitchen!

How to Decorate Your Kitchen


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  • What is lighting suitable for your kitchen?
  • Decorating the kitchen island


In this blog post, we explored the various options for kitchen decor and deciding on a theme. We also looked at some of the most popular colors in kitchens. If you're still not sure what to do with your kitchen, or if you need help figuring out how to make it feel like home, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Be the designer for your own little kitchen!

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