How To Clean A Dirty Oven

Every day, our oven is put through a fairly rigorous workout. Between chicken roasting, baking cookies, and braising meat, we use it almost continuously. Therefore, our oven needs a thorough cleaning. To variable degrees of success, we've attempted numerous oven cleaning methods. Here are the best ways to clean oven we found and how you do it.

8 Steps to Clean Your Oven

how to clean a dirty oven

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If you found the best way to clean a gas oven, maybe this method is also effective.

Step 1: Ensure that your oven is cold and remove any excess grime

Start by removing all oven racks to make space. Using a paper towel or old cloth, remove all the annoying parts of burnt food from the bottom of your oven, wiping the bits directly into a dustpan or garbage can. The more you eliminate now, the less you will have to eliminate in the future.

Ensure that the oven is completely cooled before proceeding to step 2.

Step 2: Utilize the top oven cleanser

According to us, although there are many electric oven cleaners on the market, baking soda is the best non toxic oven cleaner that can be purchased. Certainly, that is correct. 

Although baking soda may appear unremarkable, it will quickly remove oil and grime from your oven. You can spend your money on an abrasive, chemical-based product to clean oven, but we prefer this inexpensive, natural oven cleaner.

To create a paste for your homemade oven cleaner:

  1. Combine 1/2 cup of baking soda with water.

  2. Spread the substance all over the oven's bottom (avoiding the heating elements).

  3. Put on rubber gloves and use your fingers to ensure the solution reaches everywhere, including the most tenacious caked-on grime!

Step 3: Cleaning the oven shelves

Now is the moment to consider those oven racks! This is typically the most difficult aspect of cleansing the oven. Well, no longer. We have a special confidential tip that actually works.

Pour some laundry detergent into a tub of extremely hot water and soak your oven racks overnight. After a quick morning scrub, it will be simple to eliminate all the dirt.

We've heard that dryer sheets will suffice if you don't have any detergent on hand. Position a few sheets along with your oven racks in the bathtub. The following day, use the linens to scrub the racks thoroughly.

If they are not excessively soiled and you need to use your bathtub, try placing them in the dishwasher.

Step 4: Put it to slumber

Put the baking soda and water mixture to work overnight while you rest and fantasize about how clean your oven will be in the morning.

Step 5: How to clean glass from an oven

Now comes the enjoyable part: cleansing the oven glass. Use the same baking soda and water compound you applied to the oven interior to clean the oven window's interior. After half an hour, wipe the window clear with a clean cloth.

Utilizing a low-cost dishwasher tablet is a common alternative. Without removing the coating, submerge a powdered dishwasher tablet in tepid water. Rub it against the glass of your oven door, periodically dipping it in water to maintain its wetness. You'll be amazed at how effortlessly it removes dirt!

Have you ever pondered whether placing glass in the oven is possible? Check out our article to learn more!

Step 6: Clean the stovetop

While you're at it, clean the cooktop as well.

Combining the following ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon of salt

  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda

  • 1 tablespoon of a liquid

Easily scrub the stovetop with the paste and wipe clear. We also recommend oven degreaser for you to use in this step. 

Step 7: Following morning

Now is the moment! With a damp cloth, wipe away the solidified paste from your oven. Obtain a rubber spatula if you require assistance removing the substance.

Step 8: Use vinegar & a moist cloth

Finally, pour vinegar into a spray container and spritz the remaining baking soda-covered areas., or you can try oven cleaner spray if you want your work to be more effective. Again, wet your fabric and wipe away the excess debris. After giving your oven racks a quick scrub, could you return them to the oven?

Tips to Keep Your Oven Clean

how to clean a dirty oven

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Cleaning the oven is much simpler when you stay on top of it. Listed below are a few ways to prevent clutter.

  1. Ask someone to help

If you have a large family or household that utilizes the oven, ask everyone to help clean up. This will prevent you from having to clear up layer upon layer of grease.

  1. Get an oven liner

A pack of three non-stick oven liners from Amazon costs £8. These heavy-duty oven liners should be used to line the bottom of the oven. They can be trimmed to suit and will collect any dropped food while using the grill or oven. The liners can be easily washed and are dishwasher safe. Then the next time you don’t have to find a heavy duty oven cleaner anymore.

  1. Utilize a second roasting dish

This is an excellent tip for cleaning the oven. If you have a different roasting pan, place it at the bottom of the oven. If you must cook with the lid off on the shelf above, line your spare tray with aluminum foil to capture any grease that may fly.

  1. Keep your plates manageable

If you fill your casserole dish to the very top, you are inviting difficulty. Don't do it! Find a suitable pot with ample height for your meal.

Concerning pans, would you like to know how to disinfect burnt pans? Browse our other article.

  1. Clean the exterior of your oven with steam

Steam can eliminate 99.9% of harmful microorganisms in the home, so if you're serious about maintaining a clean oven, invest in a steam cleaner. It's as simple as waiting two minutes for it to heat up and then pressing the trigger to discharge steam.

  1. Put a cap on it

Cover your baking dishes and casseroles with a cover. This will prevent oil from splattering and contaminating the oven. For more products that will remove oil from the oven, we recommend you use oven cleaner for grease or oven cleaner for baked on grease.


What is the quickest method to thoroughly clean an oven?

The best way to thoroughly clean the inside of an oven is with a thick, homemade paste made by mixing ½ cup of vinegar with 1 cup of baking soda. Mix your paste in a large basin, then spread it uniformly throughout the oven interior. At least six hours after application, remove with a moist sponge.

How do I remove burned food from the oven's bottom?

Baking soda is commonly used to remove burnt food and stains from ovens because it neutralizes acids and absorbs grime, making it simpler to scrub away all the grime (elbow grease is advised). It is a simple homemade cleaner that can provide peace of mind regarding a clean oven.

How should one clear a dirty oven?

Vinegar is effective for cleaning ovens, particularly when combined with oven heat and baking soda. This straightforward method requires only a few common domestic items and can be used to remove stubborn grease stains and dirt from an oven.


What, in your opinion, is the finest method for cleaning an oven? Share your method in the comments section below!

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