How To Build Your Own Air Purifier

If you live in a particular area, where the air quality is really an absolute problem, or if you are at risk of being under common respiratory diseases such as asthma or respiratory infection, the contaminated air can make your respiratory illnesses more serious. Therefore, to solve these air problems, our article will give you a simple solution, which most people can do by spending their budgets on buying an air purifier. Many air purifiers are known as devices that have the ability of cleaning air from some pollutants like dust, smoke, even the harmful air bacteria, which come from all different sources with various shapes or sizes. But, a new problem is the huge budget you have to spend on buying this device. Don’t worry, this article appears here to help you to own a DIY air purifier which only takes about five minutes to put together, with around $50 in material price, it is a very useful product.


Many existing air purifiers are basically based on the similar model: you need one air filter which is attached to a normal fan. After that, it may get more complex, of course, all you’ll need are a box fan (you can buy it from electrical equipment stores) and one HVAC furnace filter. Ok, let’s start!

  • In the first stage, you need a 20-inch box fan, with any colors and designs you like. The majority of box fans are not different and they may include three speed modes. We recommend Hurricane Box Fan - 20 Inch because it can run at 2400 CFM and 1100 RPM. It is really effective. Besides, there are various similar products like the Air King 9723 20-Inch or the Genesis 20" Box Fan.

How To Build Your Own Air Purifier in 2021

In step 2, all you have to do is get an HVAC furnace filter which is actually at least MERV 13. HVAC filters are thin, boxy filters that allow users to operate together with the home furnaces. They are in different sizes and with plenty of degrees in the filtration process (rated by MERV). We really put the recommendation of purchasing one which is at least MERV 13. The common price ranges of most furnace filters are from $20 and $35 for one HVAC furnace filter, but you entirely can save a ton by owning multiple packs such as the Aerostar Home Max 16 or the FilterBuy MERV-13 Filters 4-Pack.

  • The last thing you need to do to finish an air purifier, you have to get tape or bungee cord. You may have something to connect your box fan and the box springs. After getting enough materials, you will pick up some Scotch Tape, or the set of short bungee cords like the Bungee Rubber Stretchy Carabiner Camping.


Find all the arrows which show you the flow of the air on your filter, and put the filter behind your fan so the air can accordingly pass. 

The next advice is to secure the HVAC furnace filter on the back of the fan by using the tape or a set bungee cord. When you turn on your fan, the airflow will commonly hold the filter in place with the purpose that nothing can fall off when you turn on your fan.

Finally, sit back, relax, and you can completely enjoy pure air. Put your DIY air purifier in a prominent location or central area in your lovely house, or you can even place it on a table or some countertops.

How to build your own air Purifier


You may easily see the convenient results in at least 12 hours. We established one in a wildfire-affected house for an entire overnight, the device’s filter changed from clean to dirty conditions.

If you can’t see dramatic results as quickly, congratulations, you are living in clean air! Remove your filter whenever it gets grey or brown with smoke and particles, and if you live in a particularly large area, the better advice is that you consider building various purifiers to have around your house.

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