Easy Smart Home Upgrades

If you're looking to improve your home, but don't have a lot of time and money to spend, then this article is for you. We'll go over some easy intelligent upgrades that will make your life easier and more enjoyable at the same time.


Upgrading to a smart home doesn’t have to be exhausting. With just a single screwdriver, you can equip your place with advanced technology that simplifies everyday tasks and transforms the house into something more than just a building you spend hours on every day. 

Whether it's lighting, security, or appliances, so many mini upgrades provide enormous benefits for homeowners. 

Here are the best options for beginners who want hands-off convenience: eight ways you could use innovative home technology to make your life easier right now—and what they cost at ideals for an intelligent home. 


Do you need some dinner ideas? Forget prepping your favorite dishes when you could leave them in the freezer for another day. 

Air Fry Oven

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With our new smart oven, it's all about eating your favorite foods any time of the year and with just a push of a button. 

Spruce up that bland butternut squash soup by boiling it on low heat for 3 hours until it is rich, creamy, and steaming hot – or throw together one of our easy soups recipes that takes less than an hour to prepare. 

Streamline your cooking experience without sacrificing quality thanks to this innovative new technology: Say goodbye to frozen meals and processed food while embracing convenience like never before.


Cooking has never been easier with your smart assistant. Just ask for a recipe, and you'll get step-by-step video guidance right on the device. 

You can also give it voice commands from anywhere in the kitchen to adjust temperatures or add ingredients, all without having to touch anything. 

But that's not all: Every intelligent assistant is built with home security features like live remote viewing of your house and alerts if an intruder approaches so you're always safe at home. 

Cooking will never be the same again with an intelligent assistant who handles everything—all while keeping watch over your family 24/7. 

Echo Glow

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The SMART GARAGE DOOR OPENER is the country’s most reliable garage door opener, making it available to savvy homeowners that care about improving their quality of life. 

Smart Garage Door Opener

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With a patented intelligent home technology system built-in and near-silent operation, you can go from being stressed out by trying to get everything ready before work while juggling your family obligations to opening your garage with just one touch on the smartphone.

With just a push of a button from inside your car, your garage door moves seamlessly open or closed after letting you reenergize without wasting any daylight hours at all.

The best part is seeing your garage open as you approach or watching it shut behind you as you drive away. (Pro tip: Installing or replacing a garage door opener isn't precisely trivial). 


Say goodbye to the days of misplacing remote controls and never finding the string to turn off your lights. 

This smart plug is easy-to-use, convenient, and sets your mood with catchphrases. 

Have a tough day at work? Just say, “Alexa, I want more light!” to get started on that dinner or reading you deserve. 

When somebody comes into your home, you can also receive a notification by setting it up with an Alexa security system.

Kasa Smart Home

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The best gifts for kids this year will be smart speakers, and ours is the perfect starter kit. 

Multicolor smart lamp

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Available in a range of bold colors that they're sure to love, it includes everything needed to get started-including filters and parental controls that will allow parents to select what their kids can experience based on their age or needs.

Isn't Alexa great? One fun feature we've included: It's getting noise-canceling microphones built-in, so you'll never worry about them yelling over our speaker, even when they're miles away.


Color always inspires so many emotions in people. Whether it’s a moment of relaxation, an exciting party, or the perfect color for your kitchen to bring out all the bright colors, color lives everywhere.

Wifi Smart Light Bulb

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That’s why we love our color-changing smart bulbs. We have them for every room and purpose in mind: you can turn that spooky bedroom into a haunted house with some light-up lamps; 

Add some fun to your office space with colorful patterns that change throughout the day, or pump up the genius vibes of any home workspace with shades of blue and orange that give anyone studying a big boost (or if you find inspiration through coloring).

These intelligent color light bulbs change the mood in your home, thanks to an immersive selection of colors and a handful of relaxing scenes. 

No matter where you are—at a desk writing, at bedtime reading on the couch, or throughout the house doing chores—you'll be able to balance out the lighting without having to run from room to room with lamps or constantly adjust your overhead lights. 

Plus, when it's time for fun, transform group spaces into party central by picking any scene imaginable.


Your CLOSE YOUR CURTAINS FROM ANYWHERE WITH A SMART CURTAIN MOTOR in high demand from customers across the country. 

Curtain Smart Electric Motor

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You’ll never have to get up off your couch again with this nifty little gadget. With controls on your smartphone, you can turn your curtains opaque or let natural light sweep through; 

You can even program it for sunset and sunrise hours based on the particular time zone you need. It’s a peace of mind gadget that even those without an active lifestyle appreciate.

The intelligent tech on board is where it gets cool: For example, with the right smart assistant, you can create an automated routine to automatically close your curtains at sunset and open them at sunrise-which will also likely save you money on heating and cooling bills. From now not only can all rooms in your house be as stylish.


Meet the future of home cleaning! There's never enough time to clean up in a world where we are always on the go. 

Thankfully, these new smart vacuums are perfect for people with busy lives who don't have the time or the patience to mop or sweep regularly. 

With various models that vary in design and features, you'll find one perfect for your whole household.

Robot Vacuum

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