Chromebooks vs. MacBooks vs. windows laptops

Save time and money with our guide to choosing the best laptop based on your needs. Compare and contrast popular choices like Chromebooks, Windows laptops, and MacBooks.

Buyers are often tied to a specific OS or budget that restricts their buying options, so we review what is available at various price points.

The Chromebook is a cheap, reliable laptop that does not have all MacBooks or Windows laptops' storage or processing power.

It's perfect for soft computing (browsing social media, checking email). For creativity and productivity, though, it's not well suited.

A MacBook will be more than enough to handle whatever your work throws at you: there's plenty of memory with Intel Core processors; they're fast and responsive thanks to an SSD storage solution;

Google Apps like word processing is built-in so you don't need any other programs; plus ports galore! You can also customize your notebook to suit every whim. The downside? Even though Appleslacks is widely believed to offer the best Mac experience on the market.

However, the decision is still up to you, which operating system do you prefer: Windows 10 vs. MacOS vs. Chrome OS. In the article, below is information about each type, along with outstanding models.

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs Google's ChromeOS, an operating system based on the Google Chrome browser.

It's lighter and more straightforward than any other type of notebook, making it perfect for students and people always on the go. And because of everything you do in a chrome browser, your work can go anywhere.

For the best battery life, you can not get any better than ChromeOS. If portability is your goal, the ultra-thin and light ThinkPad X1 Carbon(Windows) or Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (Hybrid) are a must.

We recommend Apple MacBooks for power users who need a high-performance machine with all of the ports they will ever require.

The newest MacBook Pro offers three fast Thunderbolt ports to plug into monitors, keyboards, and other devices at speeds 4x faster than USB equivalents.

What is a Chrome OS? 

From the creators of Google Chrome, this desktop OS carries its roots with it. Nearly all you do is done on the Internet — from email and content consumption to streaming media production or gaming.

Almost everything can be done without installing anything. A user does not need in their web browsing experience if they connect through an external device such as an Android phone to provide larger storage capacity and more functionality for editing images or performing other purposes.

Features like built-in virus protection, lightning-fast boot times, 100GB of free cloud storage space ensure that your machine will be safe and reliable for years to come!

Today, Chrome OS feels more like an OS than a bloated browser. It packs an integrated file manager, a messaging app for sending and receiving texts via a linked Android phone (think iMessages), and more.

It also supports both Google Play Android apps and Linux-based software. Users essentially get three platforms in one at a lower cost than a Windows PC or Mac.

It’s a web world

Chrome OS is the internet in a box with no strings attached. Running on Google's super-fast cloud service, Chrome OS revolves around its web browser, built from the ground up to empower you and your company.

It starts with an intuitive task-oriented user interface so that it takes just one click to watch videos or read your emails. What's more, most of what we do today starts on our phone (like checking our Facebook feed) but often ends up on our laptop or desktop computer (like pay bills).

That means there's nothing lost by jumping straight over from mobile onto desktop if it means accomplishing things faster and doing more - more accessible than ever before.

The web world browsing software has been designed to get you where you need to be as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The interface eliminates any of the confusion from complex, unfamiliar browsers like Safari or even Internet Explorer.

It is instead more simplified than ever, so users know what they're doing at all times. If you're looking for transparency in your browser, then this software will do that with ease.

The Chrome devices by Google are the brainchild of a tech giant company that specializes in innovation.

With features geared towards simplicity and ease of use, your product allows you to do more without hassle.

From simple tasks like web browsing and streaming video to conference calls with family or friends across town, this is one device that fills all of your needs while giving you flexibility and choice for further customization.

Welcome to the web world. Where everything is possible, and life's limitless adventure awaits you around every corner.

But what happens when the digital reality of your mobile device can't meet your hunger for absolute freedom, one that has no clear boundaries?

That's where Android app compatibility comes in, providing millions of new app options that greatly expand the Chrome OS experience.

Support for Linux desktop programs, currently in beta, builds on the Chrome OS ecosystem for users who prefer more robust, traditional software over mobile and web-based applications.

There are no limits here, so explore at will! The possibilities are endless because this is a whole new way of living digital.

Imagine leaving your phone at home, heading to the office for a day of meetings and work, and then coming home that evening downing one or two carbonated beverages.

The following day would be an absolute disaster - a splitting headache, sore throat from breathing through your nose all night long to avoid snoring loudly enough to wake the neighbors.

Why not just skip that altogether? Head back home after lunch and relax on your computer instead! That's what Chrome OS is for!

With Android app compatibility, you can enjoy virtually any application available out there using emulators for software unavailable as native apps (such as games like World of Warcraft), Google Play libraries where you can find applications compatible with this Chromebook (apps such as UberE)

Chrome OS is a fantastic option if you're looking to get that Apple feels minus the hefty price tag.

From multitasking with ease to integrating your favorite web-based Google apps and services, this thing's got a lot of tricks up its sleeve.

Whether you are trying to make better use of your time at work typing up documents in Google Docs or balancing multiple streaming videos in YouTube as background noise on top of teaching yourself how to play Chopin on Piano Tiles 2, this laptop will keep you feeling right at home.

It comes ready-loaded with all the tools offered by its major competitor Windows 10 but has none of their associated cost!

Get one now and enjoy hassle-free access from any device courtesy of the various methods.

Cheap and easy

Chrome OS is the most accessible operating system you'll ever see. You never have to buy virus protection because it comes as part of the package.

Updates and new features come out all the time, making your browsing that much better. And with Google's famed search tool at your disposal for everything from exploring expensive neighborhoods to watching HD-quality videos, Chrome OS will make your life a whole lot easier!

In addition, Chrome OS is a light, inexpensive operating system perfect for laptops with low-power processors and limited amounts of RAM.

Chrome OS draws resources from remote servers to power the user experience, creating a desktop environment where security and data protection are always guaranteed.

Who doesn’t want a fast processor and high-end components, but now we know there isn’t much difference.

Choose to get an Android experience with the best gaming experience on the go. With Chromebooks, you can enjoy all your favorite Google experiences like Play Movies or YouTube Red directly from your laptop.

Get the Pixelbook for convenient creativity or any other number of Chromebooks that suit your budget - and adjust when you need to!

The device for people who do not care about, or can not afford, to buy an expensive laptop. ChromeOS is lightweight and easy on resources, so you did not have problems workin' something else in the background while Google Maps guides your way through unfamiliar countries.

Do not let its simplicity fool you either- it comes loaded with all the necessities (messaging, word processing, video chats) and has tons of Apple juice seeping in from time to time, thanks to big companies like Microsoft these days.

Chrome OS is variously called a "lean, lightweight operating system that gets out of your way so you can live fully and work effortlessly on the cloud" or an operating system with a minimalist design for simple computing.

It has never been easier to manage Chrome devices, which are always up-to-date and require no updating when users enable automatic updates.

Whether it's kicking back at home or conquering offices worldwide, there isn't anything else quite like Chrome OS in playing hard on low power consumption.

How much does a Chromebook cost?

The Chromebook is a computer that balances affordability and portability. Sleek design, speedy performance, and excellent battery life.

Plus, it’s got all the software standards these days—goodbye, Microsoft Windows: the browser-only operating system we guarantee can’t infect you with viruses or malware!

A Chromebook is a perfect computer for school, work, and light entertainment. It excels at getting things done without slowing you down, but we recommend spending more money on something else if you want to play heavier games or do intensive photo editing.

If being under $400, which is the range that covers most Chromebook possibilities, then you will get a machine that can surprisingly do quite a bit.

It's not going to be unbeatable when it comes to performance, and if you need something with high power for work or school work, then there are better alternatives out there.

If your budget is between $400-800, though, this would be perfect for anyone who uses their laptop to communicate with customers and colleagues from home surveys.

The screen on this laptop won't like crystal clear 1080p quality or an intense full HD resolution, but as long as your expectations aren't too high, then this could make things more accessible without sacrificing any features.

Best Chromebooks of 2020

Chromebooks are the perfect device for anyone on the go. They're thin, light enough to carry in one hand, and come with a keyboard so you can look like you're getting work done even if all your doing is surfing YouTube cat videos.

You'll also want to think about storage because Chromebooks come in three different screen sizes: 11-, 13-.3-, or 15.6-inch screens.

Best 11-inch Chromebook

Chromebooks vs. MacBooks vs. windows laptops

The Acer Chromebook Spin ($329) is one of the most affordable 360-degree laptops we've ever seen.

It weighs in at just under 3 pounds and measures a slim 0.7 inches thick, which means you can slip it into your bag or purse without worries!

The 11-inch screen might be smaller than competitors, but it easily fits airplanes or trains and ensures that battery life won't suffer because of its form factor.

Best 13-inch Chromebook

Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebooks vs. MacBooks vs. windows laptops

The Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebook is the upscale, family-friendly version of a genuinely affordable laptop for all occasions.

From homework to hair-cutting, plus some social media stalking and binge-watching at your favorite coffee shop.

It's done. Get things done with speed and supercharging power thanks to Intel Core i5 processors up to 8GB RAM, up to 128 GB SSD storage or 1TB HDD storage, and either a 13" Full HD (1920x1080) IPS touch display or 14" FHD (1920 x 1080) webcam display depending on what you need most in your Chromebook experience.

In addition, the Lenovo Flex 5 has some of the best battery life and performance for a Chromebook on the market.

10 hours battery have you covered on whether or not you need to work all day away from an outlet.

This laptop is perfect for easy productivity throughout your day, whether it's opening emails and getting tasks done on your schedule or catching up with friends in a Facebook Messenger video call.

Best 15-inch Chromebook

Chromebooks vs. MacBooks vs. windows laptops

The ASUS C523 is as future-proof as a laptop gets. With a sleek, thin aluminum chassis, full HD display with touchscreen functionality, and long-lasting battery life- this Chromebook is perfect for anyone who wants to spend their time browsing the web or doing schoolwork at home instead of traveling uptown to the office space every day.

The USB C port allows you to use any device from your monitor to your charging cable without an adapter (a game-changer).

At the same time, the microSD card slot means there’s no need for expensive cloud storage solutions when you want to bring all of your digital goodies with you on the go.

Honorable mention

Chromebooks vs. MacBooks vs. windows laptops           

Most Chromebook models are pretty cheap, so it's easy for customers to overlook expensive models like the Google Pixelbook or Pixelbook Go. However, if you want the best Chromebook, go for the Pixelbook.

The Pixelbook isn't just impressive because of its specs — it's also the world's first laptop with an EMR stylus that supports palm rejection, flipping around your hand to keep on writing.

It features a 12.3-inch touch screen display that seamlessly integrates into Google Assistant and built-in security options like facial recognition, so you can unlock your Pixelbook without typing in a password or pattern due to its four front-facing cameras (two for video chat).

With a 7th generation Intel Core processor, between 8GB to 16GB of RAM, 128GB SSD storage capacity to choose from (which is expandable), and up to 11 hours of battery life in one charge, you're guaranteed plenty of power no matter.

What is a Macbook?

Apple's Macbook is a portable powerhouse. Featuring an attractive aluminum design, the MacBook computers come in 13-inch and 15-inch sizes.

The newest model even features some radical innovations: for example, the keyboard is made of entire pieces of silicon - this eliminates dirt from getting lodged in spaces between keys and simplifies cleanup by just wiping it down with a cloth.

With macOS, Apple's traditional operating system beloved for its sleek performance and ease of use, your Macbook will never feel more accessible or versatile than now.

And because they work seamlessly with iPhones, AirPods (wireless earbuds), and other carefully curated products like the newly updated iPad Pro series 12", you can unlock whole new layers.

What is a MacOS?

Apple makes MacOS for Macs to run the software and give you access to all their resources. It’s a seamless experience, from one device screen to the next.

You can use whatever app you want, wherever and whenever. Even your apps are translated automatically when traveling abroad!

And with security designed in, there’s no need for third-party antivirus malware protection – even iCloud scans your files before sending them anywhere else! With Mac OS on board, you have freedom of choice but safety at every turn.

The MacOS is a top-down approach to the world of an apple. Unlike other operating systems, it's designed to run on some guaranteed PC configurations and work with only a tight variety of parts that Apple has tested heavily.

Out past system ensures blazing fast performance and features iCloud integration, which can help diagnose hardware issues for you or even save files automatically from crashes.

Macs come in a range of models, features, and operating systems to satisfy the needs of any user.

You can choose from Macbook Air or MacBook Pro for users who want a straightforward computing experience; iMac desktops for those who value power and longevity; or Mac Mini PCs that offer portability and affordability without sacrificing performance.

Whatever your need—from browsing online to graphic design to watching your favorite show in 1080p HD—MacOS provides the perfect interface for you.

MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro

The one size fits all MacBook Air is perfect for the everyday user, with an affordable price, and that’s less than 20% of the flagship MacBook Pro.

For those who need a stricter model for heavy-duty computer use (whether research or just catching up on social media), then we have you covered too – whether it’s in class, at home, or on the go, our Macbook Pro models are durable enough to offer everything from fast processing power to high-performance graphics.

With features like Intel Core i5 or i7 processors and 8GB RAM available on some models depending on your needs, the Pro versions give you more bang for your buck when it comes to multitasking. So what branch do you fall under?

​​Best Macbooks of 2020

With a powerful Intel processor, Touch ID, and incredibly long battery life, the MacBook Air maybe just for you. It is equipped with advanced engineering to fit those looking for ultimate portability in their computing needs. 

Whether that’s editing a YouTube video or putting finishing touches on your screenplay—you can do it anywhere (and BEST MACBOOKS has them all!).

Best portable MacBook

Chromebooks vs. MacBooks vs. windows laptops

The MacBook Air ($999.00) is the world’s lightest laptop, perfect for those who are always on the go. A full-size keyboard but only one inch thin and 2 pounds in weight makes this battery pack a must-have.

Whether you need to write up an article after your morning jog, or you want the freedom of throwing it in your bag while out with friends all day long—this machine will make any task seem effortless. It’s everything you could ask for from a speedy computer that fits underneath your arm like a purse.

Best 13-inch MacBook

Chromebooks vs. MacBooks vs. windows laptops

If you're in the market for a laptop, there's no question the MacBook Pro 13-inch is worth your serious consideration. Sure, the $1,249 price tag may seem high, but this sleek computer comes with power and quality that really can't be denied.

For instance, it features an Intel Core i5 Dual-Core Processor 2.3 GHz, which means it will zip through processes much faster than what you're used to from other laptops on the market right now!

Whether you're working in photos or jumping straight into Photoshop, writing lines of code, or chatting up friends online - this rugged machine has got your back (and more!). There are also 512 GB of internal storage space, so don't worry about having too many

Best 16-inch MacBook

Chromebooks vs. MacBooks vs. windows laptops

The MacBook Pro 16-inch ($2,099) is the perfect balance of size and performance: with the broadest screen and fastest processor available in a notebook that's still portable. Don't let it fool you, though - this isn't some luggable computer!

The MacBook Pro 16-inch is surprisingly thin and lightweight for all of its features and power — one thing we love about it is how easy it is to carry a bag or backpack, wherever your adventures take you.

What is a windows laptop?

Windows laptops are finally in the future. Microsoft Windows 10 is built to take advantage of touchscreens and Tablet Mode, making your Windows experience smoother than ever before.

You might be hopping on for the first time or switching from a version of Windows past: it doesn't matter! All you have to do is grab a Windows laptop and start playing around with all that touch-friendly goodness!

What is a Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest iteration of Microsoft's flagship operating system and one that comes packed with more features than ever before. Built from the ground up to be what Microsoft calls "the last version of Windows," it features significant improvements in security along with a new level of personalization that will make your desktop seem genuinely yours.

Best windows laptops of 2020

Sleek, stylish, and with all the power you need, these are some of the best Windows laptops.

Best Windows laptop for casual use

Chromebooks vs. MacBooks vs. windows laptops

The ASUS VivoBook 15 is the best laptop for casual use. With a 15.6-inch FHD display, i3 processor, and all of your everyday needs covered with 8GB RAM speed, this laptop isn't messing around. This high-quality machine can handle anything you give it without breaking a sweat.

The only downside to this workhorse is that it may be too powerful for your typical grandma or younger student who's just looking to stream Netflix on their terms.

Best Windows laptop for school or work

Chromebooks vs. MacBooks vs. windows laptops

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is your best choice for a Windows laptop in today's market. The design of the sleek aluminum matte exterior negates any worries about scratches and dings.

At the same time, you're on the go, and the touchscreen display can be both eye-catching to prospective customers as well as extremely helpful when inputting information into infrequently used apps.

Best Windows laptop for gaming

Chromebooks vs. MacBooks vs. windows laptops

The Dell XPS 15 ($1,952.05) is the most powerful Windows laptop available and ideal for gamers, video editors, or discerning professionals who demand the absolute best in power and performance. 

It's thin and lightweight without compromising screen space thanks to a brilliant 4K touchscreen display ultrawide screen with 100% sRGB color coverage.

This 15-inch laptop offers Rockchip's quad-core CPU combined with an integrated Intel HD Graphics card for all your work/gaming needs — so you can finally get rid of that desk full of hardware! 

If you're the kind who likes to play mobile games, too, then there's also 32GB of RAM onboard — enough to run cumbersome 3D models at high frame rates.

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