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The Best Truck Tool Box Reviews & Buyers Guide of September

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A complementary product to the famous 'Powertool' based by the same team that created this fantastic Box. This toolbox is not just a toolbox but a complete system for fixing trucks. As a result, Truck Tool has become the most popular truck toolbox in Japan and the best seller of Makita tools worldwide.

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Just the right tool for your hard to reach truck. With this toolbox, you can make your truck a toolbox. It's made of high-grade, structural aluminum that is aircraft weight and corrosion resistant.

Let the community help you design your new truck. Learn from the tools we've seen on thousands of trucks and pick yours from a wide menu of options.

It's not your father's truck tool box. It's designed to lock, hide, and find anything you might need to be able to get out of a stuck vehicle.

The ideal tool for serious truckers, or anyone who wants to improve their driving experience. We make it easy to carry everything you need when you're out on the road.

Truck Tool is a one-of-a-kind 2.5" Truck Tool Boxes which will solve your transportation problems. These boxes will be the perfect companion to your truck and its parts. We've designed these boxes with precise dimensions in mind with the exclusive patented design which will allow you to install front and rear tow hooks on the box, attach side mirrors, or add lids to the box in seconds. 

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1. Are truck tool boxes safe?
  • Keeping your gear stored inside a truck tool box is much safer than leaving it in the open on your truck bed. A truck tool box is a storage device that functions as a large storage box and a protective safe. Truck toolboxes are heavy, resistant to tampering, and designed to fit in the bed of your truck.

2. Are truck toolboxes worth it?
  • One of the best reasons to consider purchasing a truck toolbox is to get better organized. You won't have to search everywhere trying to find a specific tool. That makes it a great timesaver. Toolboxes are also locked boxes, so concealing and storing valuable tools becomes more secure.

3. What kind of truck bed cover is best?
  • Hard quad-folding covers are the best option overall if you frequently need to use the whole truck bed. They provide excellent features and true flexibility, including full bed access when fully open and excellent security when closed.

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Katie Kehlenbrink
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